Chilling Plants
Chilling Plants are automated and highly efficient mechanical heat exchanging industrial setup which transfer the heat energy between the water and the refrigerant flowing in the pipe lines to transport heat to the atmosphere.
Ice Plant
Ice Tank comprises of various heat exchange devices that are highly efficient and helps to produce large ice slabs at a faster rate. The process of conversion utilizes extraction of water and works on the same principle as that of the domestic fridge which is used in kitchens.
Refrigeration Plants
Refrigeration Plants are industrial setups that uses flake ice for the various applications to cool down and to maintain the temperature of various objects such as concrete mixtures.
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
The Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers are offered with high heat transfer coefficient. These are included with high-efficiency heat transfer elements and provide a safe operation. Safe and quick transferal of heat takes place with these exchangers.
Freezers are the large storage facilities that are used to store food products at very very low temperatures. They are equipped with heavy duty engineered equipments for efficient performance.
Cold Storage
Cold Storage provided by us are highly efficient and requires very less power to store fruits, vegetables and various other beverages at a desired temperature to maintain the quality of the product and to increase their shelf life.
Concrete Cooling Solutions
Concrete Cooling solutions are the large industrial facilities that are used in various civil engineering applications to lower and maintain the temperature of concrete mixtures to improve the strength of the structures.
Meat and Seafood Cooling
We are offering highly efficient and robust refrigeration systems for Meat and Seafood Cooling that help to preserve the food products for a longer period. They are available in many different variants that are designed as per the industrial standards which result in high working efficiency.
Ripening Chambers
Ripening chambers are insulated room like large storage areas that are used to ripen the fruits and to improve their flavor, textures and color. These can be used in large fruit markets to improve the productivity of the food products.

Ice Bank Tank
Ice Bank Tank is the best engineering solution for the storage of thermal energy which also improves the low refrigerant volume. They works by melting ice into ice water which is indirectly used to lower the temperature of various products.
Package Air Conditioners
Package Air Conditioners are the system which is used to lower the temperature of air and also enhance the quality of the air flow. The complete arrangement which consist of equipments like coils, compressor etc., are packed into a casing.
Heat Pump
Heat Pump are the devices that acts as a dual purpose machine for heating as well as cooling of rooms and large closed areas in buildings. They exchange temperature by evaporating and condensing a fluid known as refrigerant in especially designed equipments.
Snow Parks Turnkey Solutions
Snow Parks are the indoor theme parks that consist of various high performance refrigeration equipments which helps to generate snow and to maintain the temperature within the closed areas.
HVAC and Central Air Conditioning
HVAC and Central Air Conditioning system consist of heat and ventilation equipments that are highly efficient in their operation. These setup are usually installed in large buildings like corporate offices to cool down the temperature of large areas.

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